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Shenguan is principally engaged in the manufacture and sale of edible collagen sausage casing products, pharmaceutical products, food products, skin care and health care products and collagen medical devices.


During the first half of the Year, as affected by factors such as rising raw material prices, reduced supply of raw materials, increased trial production costs after production line transformation, resulting in lower gross profit margins. However, through the efforts of the Group’s staff in the second half of the Year, both sales volume and sales revenue of sausage casings in the Year went up as compared to the same period last year, with particularly notable growth of 16.9% in exported product sales, with the total domestic and overseas sales volume of sausage casings increased by approximately 9.0%. The Group continued to adjust its product structure, it’s technology became more mature, which enabled it to expand the proportion of medium and large-sized diameters products and gain access to the market for high-end products. In addition, the Group has dismantled the old production lines with high energy consumption, low output and high maintenance costs, and carried out expansion and transformations of the existing ones, expanding the total number of production lines to 300 during the Year from 200 at the beginning of the Year. To further enhance work efficiency, the Group also stepped up its efforts in implementing the technical transformation of production line automation and gradually improving its enterprise information system.


The Group’s products already include collagen rice noodles, collagen drinks, beef tendon, and collagen oat drinks, oatmeal, and oat porridge. The Group has made various preparations for mass production, further expanded product publicity and promotion, and opened up product sales channels, making better progress in product sales.


The Group further introduces new products such as collagen masks and daily skincare products under its own brands “Coll-Full (高肌樂)”, and continuously upgrades the formulae of these products while improving the supporting of production capacity for each product.


Guangdong Victory Biotech Co., Ltd. (“Guangdong Victory”) and Wuzhou Victory Biotech Co., Ltd. (“Wuzhou Victory”) have obtained the dual certifications of ISO13485 and ISO22442 from the European Union. During the Year, sales revenue of medical collagen raw materials and its related products increased by approximately 164.5% as compared to last year. The Group’s“Preparation Method of Low Endotoxin Collagen” was granted a national invention patent, U.S. invention patent and Taiwan invention patent. For the Type III medical device products, the Group is in the process of preparing work for the clinical trials of various products such as “oral medical collagen sponges”, “traumatic dressing” and “small beauty needle”, while the “collagen bone filling biomaterials (artificial bone)” has been completed its clinical trials in several hospitals, with the trial cases satisfactorily completed. Currently, various work concerning applying for production licences materials are in progress.